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How to repair the bad appearance of silicone rubber products

How to repair the bad appearance of silicone rubber products

In the production of silicone products, the emergence of bad appearance products, has always been a silicone products factory comparison pay attention to things, because it is directly related to the factory’s profits, which affected the development of the enterprise,

Although some silicone products can work look bad, but if the silicone products is difficult to repair the serious influence the development of the enterprise, therefore, in the process of production should be strictly control the production quality, not ignored the most important things for the sake of speed, regardless of non-performing products can repair the problem, the fix will waste a lot of manpower and resources, this is a cost that cannot be ignored.

The situation is so bad appearance products? What is remedial method?

Bad situation of the silicone products has numbness, stain, the wind, the dark mark, lack of materials, and so on, these bad appearance product is created by molding process. The following key share the bad appearance of how to realize the common product of repair.

  1. Textured bad repair method with silicone rubber products.

Silicone products cause piping adverse for many reasons, to prevent bad by moderate control mode exhaust.

  1. Silicone rubber products stain bad repair methods.

For stain on the surface of the silicone products break method is to look at the surface stains, if on the surface of the stain is very shallow small them gently with fine sand paper burnish, if the stain is deep or is larger, the stain of first place in the blade cut, the blade is sharp, dig the incision neatly, also on top notch up the same amount of silicone material, again with the mould pressure can reach the effect of ontology.

  1. Silicone rubber product package wind bad repair methods.

Choose a few not cooked or not off white silicone products. Are not familiar with the local mode caused by low temperature can be not familiar rubber press tight, again into the mold vulcanizing, the inappropriate as to exhaust the white point pressing by hand, and can usually press drop, according to not directly in the mould for vulcanizing.

  1. The dark mark bad repair method of silicone rubber products.

Silicone products of the dark mark bad there is no method of repair, so the dark mark, can avoid to produce can be appropriate thickness of materials will be reduced to half of the original length is doubled, molding production will be folded in half, folded position up into mould cavity, can moderate low dark mark.

  1. Lack of rubber silicone rubber products bad repair methods.

It can only choose a slight lack of material, where the lack of glue to fill some raw rubber, must not much, just rough or can be a bit less, use the blade to make up the raw rubber, vulcanizing and add the forming dies. Note that the time must be pressurized repair mode of the machine, rail of the machine will product when clamping pressure bias. And there are must take the spring, spring exhaust will turn off, pressure setting in 30 ~ 50 kg/cm2.

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