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Mechanical Silicone Keypad

Mechanical Silicone Keypad

silicone rubber keypad

For the silicone rubber keypads, can you guess the difference? Maybe you will say these two keypads is totally different.              Yes, from the appearence, these two products are different, such as the color, and the shape.                                                                But do you know the other differences. Let me tell you:

  1. Color: the yellow one is sigle color silicone rubber keypad, the right one is multi colors silicone rubber keypad. How to make the multi colors silicone rubber keypad, when molding, placing the colorful raw material,  then the multi silicone rubber keypad is made.
  2. Shape: The shape of these two silicone rubber keypad is abovious, it impacts the mold cavity,  then it will impact the production capacity.
  3. Production process: Left one process is little bit more simple than the right one. As for the printing text, all keys of the left one has texts on it, but the right one is not cmplete with text, so when printing the right one , it needs more  cover jig.

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