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Four Coups to Judge the Quality of Silicone Moulding Rubber

Four Coups to Judge the Quality of Silicone Moulding Rubber

jwt rubber computer usb cover dustproof1. The viscosity of Silicone Moulding Rubber: whether the fluidity of Silicone Rubber is good or not is determined by viscosity, when testing, the liquid silicone moulding can be used to make the glue flow down naturally, the faster the flow, the better the fluidity of the glue. But viscosity and tearing strength is direct proportion to the relationship, if the silicone rubber viscosity is low, then the silicone rubber moulding tear strength is poor.

2. Silicone rubber hardness: its hardness is the important technical index of Silicone Moulding Material rigidity, mold hardness below 10 degrees, the tear strength is low, elongation is big, silicone product is easy to deformation. Hardness is higher than 50 degrees, silicone product become brittle, easily to broke. The hardness is 20-40, the tear strength and elongation is the best.

3. Tear strength: high tear strength silicone product has outstanding anti destruction ability and long service life, less susceptible to outside interference.

4. Tensile strength. The tensile strength of silicone rubber material affects the mold opening. The silicone rubber with poor tensile strength also has poor tolerance, and tear strength is not enough will cause difficulty in edge opening.

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